Wednesday, 12 April 2017

dissonant and desensitized

Admittedly, I thought the flurry of reporting on San Bernardino was follow-on developments regarding the mass-shooting at an office Christmas party back in December of 2015 and didn’t pay the news of another tragedy its due regard.
What occurred yesterday in California involved a man walking into an elementary school classroom and shot his estranged wife (the teacher) and an eight year old boy before taking his own life. This story—which has become an all-too familiar refrain—was overtaken by the collective outrage of an individual who refused to give up his seat on a plane and was forcibly removed. The stock-market prices of the corporation responsible for the latter was re-accommodated precipitously, whilst the valuation of the industry aggregate before the former (the gun manufacturers) remained unchanged and saw a slight boost, due to waning fears that the American government might restrict sales at a later point.