Wednesday, 12 April 2017

fly the friendly skies

The Big Think features a thorough study of all the vectors of de-accommodation, security-theatre, toxic corporate culture and industry de-regulation that has bought the experience of air-travel to new lows and something to be avoided at all costs.
Of course the class that counts does not deign to subject itself to being treated like a battery hen and instead foregoes these indecencies with private jets. Beyond illustrating how business cannot become a surrogate for public institutions (flight is a mass-transit enterprise after all and airlines are either nationalised charters or benefit from government subsidies) the gaping chasm between the middle, working class and the outrageously rich is also bringing the incivility and brutality that happens in impoverished neighbourhoods and to people of colour constantly into stark focus. Those of us lulled with a sense of security and privilege are often spared these assaults and insults but it becomes something we must be prepared to stare down.