Thursday 11 May 2023

we made a lot of news—that is our job (10. 733)

Let’s hope that the debacle hosted by CNN for Trump’s townhall, excused as a newsworthy event as the GOP’s twice-impeached frontrunner to contend with Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election, was more eye-opening and indicative of a network under new leadership amidst the vacuum for sensationalism left by Fox News and the general erosion of journalistic outlets rather than the pandering platforming that played out over ninety minutes as the counterweight to the criminal charges levied agains the former Commander-in-Chief that’s telling of the shamelessness that characterises American civic sense. The incredulity of presenting a line of questioning, whether open-ended or on point, could have elicited anything other than rehashing past grievance and unleashing a firehose of misinformation—2020 election denialism, misogyny, the imperial executive, vacillating on Russian and Ukraine—is not to be taken lightly and verges on irresponsibility. One would