Saturday 19 November 2022

fissorium (n): a place where one splits (10. 318)

Via Language Hat we are directed towards Lyre’s Dictionary, a bot that generates English nonce words—see also—based on detected roots, patterns and meanings. Sometimes it reframes existing but rarely used terms like botanize, meaning to do what botantists do, but as to make a plant or bibible as able to be drunk whose more widely circulated antonym unbibible means sober or abstemious, but the machined logorrhoea is insightful and speaks to perhaps the unnoticed entendre and frameworks in ways that words are put together. From the more recent roster or ersatz vocabulary, we particularly liked: 

obvindicant (n): one who avenges away
mediciculture (n): the rearing of physicians
speculigerent (adj): bearing mirrors
diacosmy (n): the state of being across the universe 

What are your favourites? Which suggested words ought to be incorporated into common parlance?