Thursday, 1 July 2021

tell me that you love me, junie moon

Having its theatrical release on this day in 1970 after premiering at Cannes Film Festival earlier in May, expertly introduced and summarised here by Poseidon’s Underworld, the Otto Preminger film, story and screenplay by author Marjorie Kellogg, starring Liza Minnelli as the titular protagonist who was seriously disfigured on one side of her face by a vicious battery acid attack by her jealous boyfriend and is afterwards institutionalised. There Minelli’s character meets Warren, a gay paraplegic confined to a wheelchair and an epileptic named Arthur, who decide to leave the half-way house and rent a cottage from an eccentric landlady (played by Kay Thompson) together to help each other heal and live their best lives.  Desultory and tepidly received though not universally panned, this movie seemed to me to have its heart in the right place.  Find nearly a scene-by-scene synopsis and storyboard at the link above.