Tuesday, 23 February 2021

unworter des jahres

Far outpacing the usual number of neologisms coined in the German language annually of a couple hundred, the Leibniz Institute for Deutsche Sprache has curated over twelve-hundred new words inspired by COVID-19. In very relatable terminology we have Cornonafrisur (corona hairstyle due to salons being shuttered), Impfneid (vaccine envy), Holistay, Maskenpickel (the equivalent of Masknce), Quarantini, as well as Covidiot and Maskentrottel for a mask simpleton who wears their face covering incorrectly. The actual un-words of the year (see previously) was a toss-up (also the first time more than one was chosen) between Corona-Diktatur and the cynical and euphemistic term Rรผckfรผhrungspatenschaften meaning repatriation sponsorship, an EU policy mechanism that allows member states that refuse to allow in refugees assume responsibility for their deportation and return—something quite counter to what is conveyed with sponsoring another.