Saturday, 27 February 2021

A vote on the crucial stimulus and relief package for the American people was pushed into the obscure and suspect early morning hours—with no shortage of dissenters pointing out this rank hypocrisy—though the statutory delay and eventual relenting was wholly due to the fact that the needed quorum had excused themselves in order to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando, Florida with not only an idol of Trump stealing the spotlight (we can understand how a movement might be bestowed its problematic golden calf) but the stage design and its flow a brash and ostensibly deliberate reference to that Elder Futhark rune called Odal, Ōðalan (ᛟ) opportunistically inferred to express inheritance, heritage, embraced by Nazis and Neo-Nazis, and is a reassertion in lightly veiled language of white supremacy. The serifs are a special touch, just to erase any doubt but even if by chance that this was ab unfortunately coincidence, it will be interrupted as outright to the far right who might detect weakness and hesitancy in their GOP cult. Not a single Republican House member voted in favour of a nearly two-trillion dollar recovery bill, which nonetheless passed with the Democrat‘s majority.