Monday 11 January 2021

first fridays

Via the always excellent Nag on the Lake, we are given access behind the velvet rope to the Record-keepers’ Rave, a monthly happening that’s both a call-for-submissions and a bit of a friendly battle instigated and organised by the US National Archives and Records Administrative—see previously.
Archives Hashtag Parties are the chance for repositories, small museums and government bureaus to showcase, given a theme and prompt, some of the best seldom seen materials. We too enjoyed this handy cocktail engineering, conversion chart from the American Forest Service from 1974, dug up by the Archives’ Atlanta office—plus this recruiting poster for bakers from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library. Nearly three hundred institution take part, and after a winter break are scheduled to resume at the end of week one of February, hoping that the growing interest and participation will encourage the public to avail themselves of these resources and time-capsules.