Friday, 22 January 2021

by hook or by crook

Though still uncertain what to call this implement that’s part of the standard quiver fireplace tools with this embarrassment of viable candidates: damper hook, a chimney hook, a fire iron though definitely not an andiron—the pair of trusses meant to let air circulate under a burning log and also called a firedog (Feuerbock)—associated with iron only through folk etymology and comes from the Old French term for bull, also called chenet—a little dog. Researching a bit further, however, we were delighted to learn that the term housewarming—coming of course from the act of warming a new house with gifts of firewood—with the party in Francophone countries referred to as a pendaison de crรฉmaillรจre, hanging of the chimney hook, the last installation of a new residence to mark the inaugural repast.