Wednesday, 25 November 2020

merrymount and misrule

Whilst the stereotypical view of the pilgrim settlers of New England as stern and dour religious fanatics the espoused entitlement and supremacy is largely deserved and echoed throughout history and circumstance doesn’t change with the exception, it was quite heartening to read this essay from Ed Simon regarding a counter-cultural, even subversive element to our traditional colonialists. Lawyer, author and social reformer Thomas Morton (*1579 – †1647) founded a colony in present day Quincy, Massachusetts based on utopian ideals, freedom of thought and Bohemian (some would characterise it as Bacchanalian) way of life and integrating with the aboriginal population that was a firm repudiation of Puritanism and their practises. Unfortunately Moron’s alternative (not perfect but certainly preferable) was not allowed to thrive by Plymouth (they seemed to be especially preoccupied and judgmental over Morton frolicking around a Maypole), hoping to retain a monopoly on fur and tobacco trade enforced through religious heterodoxy. Learn more at Public Domain Review at the link above.