Sunday 22 November 2020

emgann ballon

Appointed by Carolingian emperor Louis the Pious to pacify rebellion on the far frontiers of the Frankish territories during a general assembly held at the court of Ingelheim in May of 831, Nominoรซ (Nevenoe) the Breton (see previously) was created first Duke of Brittany—solidifying his power and reputation, emerging victorious from the Battle of Ballon, fought on this day in 845, and halting incursions along the border by King of West Francia, Charles the Bald (Karl Voal/Karl der Kahle/Charles II dit le Chauve). A peace was brokered and the unified Breton people had carved out an identity and land of their own, with independence negotiated in 851 by Nominoรซ’s son Erispoe after the larger, more decisive Battle of Jengland, near Rennes, compelled Charles to sign the Treaty of Angers.