Tuesday, 10 November 2020

a shining city on a hill

First spotted on Kottke’s Quick Links here is an excerpt from a short post-election observation from McSweeney’s contributor Andrew Singleton that is wholly spot-on. 

How can a nation capable of turning the simple act of revealing the gender of your child into a wildfire that burns down an entire state be so insistent on screwing things up? How could a country, one that birthed the timeless love story of 30 brown-haired white guys named Chad competing in an elimination contest for the chance to marry a woman, lack the emotional depth required to make the right decision for the future of all of us? How could a people that had to be explicitly told not to eat Tide Pods be so short-sighted? Or are some things simply beyond explanation? 

Do check out the piece in its entirety at the link above.