Monday, 12 October 2020

what colour am i to you

Our artificial intelligencer Janelle Shane (previously) has been using the advanced GPT-3 to come up with variations on a meme, with some of the more interesting, convincing examples culled from data scraped off the internet as it was well before such invitations to tag oneself were being circulated.

For example, one recent one but probably gone through its entire life cycle by the time of publication is the fairly straightforward summons to self-identify one’s aural colour and energy and description with the human-juried ones appearing first. The following graphic illustrates hues suggested by the neural network and fitting captions. We especially liked Midnight: suave but I definitely stole their wallet and Zucchini: looks delicious, sweet and innocent but “actually really murder.” Much more at the links above. Sea foam green: time lord/bodega cat.