Friday, 2 October 2020

october surprise

After ninety minutes of rabidly barking at his opponent, Joe Biden, at Tuesday night’s first general debate distanced but indoors with camera crew, moderator and a split audience and entourage (with one side of the aisle largely unmasked), it is revealed that Donald and Melania Trump have contracted the novel coronavirus, tested after a close aid started showing symptoms.

It is unclear how long Trump, who is now presenting with mild cold-like complaints, could have been contagious and whom else might have been exposed. This development—which arguably should not really come as a shock for someone spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and attempted to hide and downplay the danger to the public to enhance his credentials and ridiculed those who wear masks and take precautions or might at least learn from his British and Brazilian counterparts who had to deal with the same comeuppance—potentially ends the campaigning, effectively putting a stop to all junkets and rallies for Trump during the CDC mandated quarantine period.