Friday, 18 September 2020


We enjoyed considering this analysis of the origins of the maligned and escapingly nostalgic aesthetic known as vaporware as informed by the Surrealist art of Yves Tanguy (*1900 – †1955), that interbellum movement which perhaps with the remove of time does turns toxic undertones tragic and naรฏve. 

Having grown more nuanced than the longing for salad days that never were, there is across the century a sort of correspondence in both movements and those who limned them embrace a complicated relationship towards retro and reprise when we began again cognizant of (up)sampling and its necessarily selective-nature in recalling a future pledged that only exists in the past, delivering instead of the parallel, low-poly alternate reality that we were seeking all along rather an augmented and ersatz one that didn’t have to be. See more exemplars of both aesthetics at Hyperallergic at the link up top.