Monday, 14 September 2020

hiding in plain sight

Not a day goes by—especially now that I am slowly, carefully reintegrating back into office society by coming into work a couple days a week—that I don’t think about this image of Diane Keaton avoiding the paparazzi and find myself reminded when people recognise me around the workplace and broader campus.
How did you see through my disguise, I wonder, before pausing to consider that I, like most others, probably am memorable and make an impression. Has this happened to you? I don’t think I have a signature look but one never knows, and perhaps more often than not, our masquerade is a good alibi for not having to acknowledge an acquaintance.  H and I always appreciated the wait-staff that could recall our usuals at a Greek restaurant despite the infrequency that we patronised the place and while it doesn’t diminish the esteem I have for the waitress, I imagine that together, we’re a little outside the ordinary as well, not considering what a curse it would be to have everyone’s orders indelibly etched in one’s memory.