Saturday, 15 August 2020

blogoversary – we are twelve

As we at PfRC enter our thirteenth year, we wanted to take the chance again to thank our readership express our gratitude for your sustaining interest and hope that we’ve managed to impart a just a bit of curiosity and inspiration to carry forward into the blogosphere.

Since we last checked-in, here are the most popular posts:

10: An article about the US Bill of Rights—originally twelve amendments to the constitution.

9: The wardrobe department on one of the Star Trek franchise’s latest iterations.

8: Public reception of the avante garde 1913 New York City Armory exhibition 

7: A look at the self-inflicted wounds of the Anglo-Saxons

 6: Once again—extreme points across the globe 

5: The Japanese practical, special effect called tokusatsu 

4: Live-tweeting revolutions, from last year’s top ten.

3: More US State Flags that could need an update—again from last year’s top ten.

2: A comparison of emoji renderings for ringed planets

1: For I think the second year in a row (wrong—it just feels like I have been seeing it for a whole year and change)—speculation about the etymology of OK.

I am curious to see how this list might stack up to the next. We love you all and best wishes for a happier and more auspicious balance of 2020.