Monday, 17 August 2020

a pound of cure

Via Super Punch we discover that the joint COVID-19 response and recovery mission of the US government (which is already oxymoronical without even finishing the thought) has created a mission patch for Operation Warp Speed, the public-private venture to fast-track and prioritise vaccines and other therapies against the virus.

The ten-billion-dollar project—which seems rather underfunded considering the toll that inaction has taken for hundreds of thousands of lives and untold livelihoods—could have most likely taken a different, more effective tac had the administration taken the threat more seriously to begin with rather than making the measures that could have controlled the outbreaks into another totem of American cultural wars, and putting forth an effort at least commiserate to that which went into making this logo. The Q is probably accidental, the result of attempting to merge the seals of the Department of Defence and the Department of Health and Human Services but we wouldn’t put it above the graphic design team to reference a conspiracy theory in their work.