Saturday, 18 July 2020

jade helm

The same trolls (foreign and domestic) that championed conspiracy theories that mass-scale military exercises conducted in the summer of 2015 that proffered they were an overture to a hostile coup are now eager to live out fantasies and be deputised a defender of the homeland—since whatever consortium of government assets that comprise the secret police don’t have the manpower, organisation or wherewithal to carry out disappearing all the thought-criminals on their own and need more than the complicity of ignoring the growing problem but also active support.
This patchwork of paramilitary units is necessary because the actual US military has so far resisted most of the egregious orders to cross the Rubicon and mobilise against its own, especially for peaceful, unprovoking demonstration against those institutions that uphold the status quo of white privilege and racial injustice. Except this time, the crackdown on the resistance is real—even by their own admission—and under the auspices of quite a different administration with a different target and a professed agenda who has activated this contingency not on suspicion of a meteor impact or any number of speculations but to further capitalise on a global pandemic that’s been siphoned off to enrich the few and the deadly disdain of the public whose response was badly botched—citing the mandate to protect statues. Liberal strongholds are under assault and the attacks and abductions will continue until a permanent state of emergency can be declared to suppress the election and ensure the party remains in power.