Thursday, 18 June 2020

l’affiche de londres

Having fled France for exile in the United Kingdom the day prior once Marshal Philippe Pรฉtain, newly elected prime minister and future leader of Vichy France rejected proposals for a Franco-British military alliance and defence pact and instead pledged to sign an armistice with Nazi Germany, Brigadier General Charles de Gaulle (see also) delivered his address to Free France from BBC Broadcasting House on this day in 1940, despite objections by some of the governors that the message would imperil themselves as well as strengthen the allegiance between Hitler and Pรฉtain. The Appeal of 18 June (l’Appel du 18. juin) rallied the country in support of resistance with subsequent, regular missives from de Gaulle reaching a bigger audience—the famous line “La France a perdu une bataille! Mais la France n’a pas perdu la guerre,” often misattributed to the original call to arms was crafted for a motivational flyer distributed in August.