Wednesday, 17 June 2020

ad damnum clause

Not being a lawyer but certainly at least a legal enthusiast, I very much enjoyed encountering this section of the suit that the Trump team of attorneys have filed against the cabinet’s former National Security Advisor—after Trump first tried to claim that all conversations with him are classified or registered copyrights of Trump Inc.—as an injunction to stop the publication his tell-all exposรฉ The Room Where It Happened—has the heading Prayer for Relief. Something which had not caught my attention beforehand, this petition is the portion of a complaint reserved for the plaintiff to enumerate the remedies that the suit seeks from the court. Synonymous with the eponymous measure of damage inflicted, meaning commiserate with the harm—but dayumn, the lawsuit is one hundred sixteen pages long, seeking to delay publication and pulp any advance-copies, so it makes us wonder what he might have to hide.