Sunday, 24 May 2020

segoe print state of mind

Friend of the blog Nag on the Lake directs our attention to a neat project that explores font families by the localities that inspired them.
Created by foundries to build up their portfolios and offer a greater range of styles—most debuting well before the trend of cities hiring a designer to give them a united, corporate image, the United Fonts of America allows one to triangulate in a sense geographic coordinates and style with hometown pride and mediate on what the association signify. Whose namesake is Tahoma exactly? Plus there’s all the other aspects of toponymy to consider besides. This map is focused on the US and it’s a good heuristic tool to get one thinking further afield.
Is there a typeface for where you live or do business, the product of a marketer or otherwise? Inspired I found that there was in fact a digital script commissioned by Linotype, designed by Rosemarie Kloos-Rau and released in 1992 named for a place we’re associated with. Within the framework of the industry standard DIN (see previously) 16518 governing handwriting and calligraphy, it is commonly used for brochures, greeting cards and call-out boxes in articles.