Saturday 23 May 2020

beyond the quick brown fox

Via Things Magazine, we see our affection for and fascination with the typographical samplers known as pangrams (see previously) returned.  Holoalphabetic phrases as they are known are those that use all or most of the letters on a keyboard to put a typeface through the paces, and are complimented with the filler text Lorem ipsum and its variants.
Whilst these methods are conveniently mnemonic and produce a lot of happy sphinxes and jackdaws (oder HaxenfรผรŸe und Querflรถte—der deutschen Beispiele: Franz jagt im komplett verwahrlosten Taxi quer durch Bayern) they fall short in showcasing natural language distribution and the juxtaposition of perhaps contrary or ill-fitting characters. Ensnare, snuggle and boson might be more illustrative of problematic font-design. To that end, the foundry Hoefler & Co has offered some proofing texts that have a certain cadence to test one’s layout and typesetting: …Justin jocose for the djibouti sojourn of the oranj raj and hajjis. Knoll koala for the banknote lookout of the dybbuk outlook and trekked. Linden loads for the ulna monolog of the consul menthol and shallot… And so on.