Tuesday, 3 March 2020

to rub minds

Via TYWKIWDBI, we learn that lexicographers at the Oxford English Dictionary (see previously) have added—not without controversy as some question what qualifies for proper English and possibly a misguided push for inclusivity that netted street slang along with useful and unique turns of phrases—twenty nine terms to acknowledge the contributions that Nigeria has made to English as a global language and not the exclusive domain of any single authority as well as taking a survey of the some five hundred native languages spoken there, like the above example meaning to brain storm and collaborate, including senior wife, okada—a motorcycle taxi service, a send-forth—a farewell celebration, a mama put—a food vendor and ember months, the last third of the year. A few Nigerian English coinages have already come into common-parlance, such as to come of age, free and fair and a no-go area.