Friday, 20 March 2020

bailout package

Whilst searching for some other documentation, I came across the notification that I would be receiving a stimulus check in response to the economic fallout of 2008 sub-prime mortgage crisis that the world just barely recovered from and gleaned no lessons from—not that this present collapse is comparable in kind or ramifications that project out much further and irrevocably, and left thinking that more than a decade on that a paltry sum only marginally bigger—or even at twice the relief will not have the impact significant to restore even the precarity that most of us are accustomed to much less the blinding robustness that impels us to stammer forward without too much worry. It’s sort of like that sinking, searching feeling one gets when trying to remember what one gave and received last Christmas, even though, at least like in response to the recession, there was a measure of thought, charity and appreciation in those gifts. What do you think? Considering that the US government’s response—one part of a multi-pronged—barely makes the rent for individuals already digging themselves out of a desperate deficit much less the medical bill that prospect of treatment might cost for the uninsured, other, ongoing interventions are needed for not just quelling the revolt of working-class against the feudal lords—which I think much of the sport and spectacle of stock market and similar venues is dedicated to, placating those seeking to preserve the status quo but for moreover building a progressive and inclusive economy and safety-net that is immune to the allure of recidivism that lets privilege and birthright ultimately trump equity.