Tuesday 4 February 2020

præceptor germaniæ

Poet, encyclopædist and military historian that went on to become the archbishop of Mainz, Hrabanus Maurus, is fêted on this day to mark the occasion of his death in 856.
One of the more important scholars of the ninth century Carolingian Renaissance, he compiled several treatises on education, grammar, hagiographies, Bible commentary as well as a comprehensive volume De rerum naturis along with quite a few hymns. In this miniature, Hrabanus is depicted with Alcuin of York, a teacher whom Charlemagne recruited for his court, presenting his compendium to Otgar of Mainz, Hrabanus’ predecessor bishop. Blessed but qualifying as a saint, Hrabanus has no specific patronage but we think the Educator of the Germans could provide intercession for Wikipedians and share duties among Don Bosco, Francis de Sales and John the Evangelist.