Tuesday, 25 February 2020

abschaffung von preußen

Though effectively absorbed into the unitary government of Nazi party with the Preußenschlag of Chancellor Franz von Papen that took over the free state under an emergency decree in April 1932, the corridor that linked Germany to Russia along the Baltic, the Prussian State, was formally abolished on this day in 1947 under Law № 46 of the Allied Control Council.
Assessing the region and former Hohenzollern kingdom—ultimately the conquests of the Orden der Brüder vom Deutschen Haus der Heiligen Maria in Jerusalem, that is, the Teutonic Knights, an organized para-military wing of German crusaders—as representative of expansionism and militarism and with the aim of promoting democratic self-determination and peace for a devolved Germany, the Prussian administration and agencies were dissolved and territories not already forfeit were apportioned to respective Länder, Brandenburg, Sachsen-Anhalt, the Kaliningrad Oblast, Klaipėda and the Polish Western Territories. Signatories of the Four Powers were General Marie-Pierre François Kœnig, Marshal Vasily Sokolovsky, General Lucius D. Clay and General Brian Hubert Robertson.