Saturday, 25 January 2020


Well, this derivative disappointment was to be anticipated I suppose though the bigger insult is how poorly it was executed. I hope the studio and fans block it but not before the first class of cadets are subjected to wearing these poorly designed command patches, like a hazing ritual. (Nothing to do with the present but I remember a German news broadcast covering team behind the raid and capture of Osama bin Laden and confusing them with the elite forces of the Maquis of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.)
So many questions—Star Trek’s vision of the future of humanity enjoys a post-scarcity society and all the attendant internal peace and prosperity that is completely alien and antithetical to the values of Trump’s cadre of robber-barons who are eager to weaponise space, having run short of terrestrial opportunities. Trump’s thin and anaemic fortunes are based on rentier economics and branding, so one would think he’d think twice before infringing another’s paracosm’s intellectual property. The Seal of the US Army does have the year of its founding—but it predates the establishment of the Republic and is not in Roman numerals. If the Space Force is its own branch of service, why does the logo read Department of the Air Force. The Space Command back in 2005 may have been guilty of copying Star Fleet Academy as was the Russian Space Force even before that but those instances were at least aspirational, and with like transparent aluminium and Plexicorp, who’s to say that Star Fleet isn’t the successor organisation to the Kosmicheskie Voyska Rossii? Indeed, this is truly the worst timeline.