Wednesday, 22 January 2020

catch and kill or inquiring minds would like to know

The United Nations has appointed special rapporteurs to investigate the apparent spear-phishing attack on the mobile phone of a titan of industry (and newspaper owner) by a member of the House of Saud and heir apparent to the throne (who ordered the brutal murder of a dissenting correspondent of above media outlet) which seems to have put the private life of magnate into the hands of the Saudi intelligence apparatus, including incriminating evidence of an extra-martial affair.  It is intimated that the Saudis then leaked these compromising photographs and texts to a rival media outlet (which first threatened blackmail), a no-account tabloid that published the salacious details. No ally of Trump, who seemed to revel in his the break-up of his marriage and had generally obsessed over his wildly successful business model and critical reporting on him, the yellow press in question has been supportive both of Trump and the Crown Prince and has a record of burying or altogether quashing stories unflattering to either.