Wednesday, 11 December 2019

iso-8601 or fifty-two weeks make a year

Kottke once again rings in the season of superlatives with this thoughtful week-by-week catalogue of new things learned in this past year by Tom Whitwell (previously). Aside from being acquainted with the origins of getting one’s steps in, most of these interesting facts and figures were new to us and bare reflection and expanding into posts of their own.
We found especially enlightening and discouraging that the act of finding a clean and safe place to use the restroom for the world’s females takes no less a workforce equivalent equal to the size of Germany’s economy per year and the discovery that some visually impaired individuals can process speech many times faster than sighted people can, suggesting that the visual cortex can be remapped and repurposed. Do give the whole annotated list a look and let us know what you’ve learned that’s really shocking or resonant. What new fact you’ve learned (or remembered) from this past year would you add to the register?