Saturday 2 November 2019

two-thousand zero zero

Apropos of finding ourselves presently bumping up against epochs (depressingly, see also) of science-fiction and science-fantasy that once seemed impossibly distant and removed, Austin Kleon directs our attention to a lengthy list of remembrances of futures past.
A lot of these stories set in a future now passing we have encountered beforehand (all vehicles, all genres) though we’d somehow been spared the 1991 made-for-television Knight Rider 2000 when US President Dan Quayle wages war on the UK over Bermuda and criminals are cryogenically frozen for future generations to deal with (which is seeming a rather preferably time-line now), but had our world a bit shaken when early on in that catalogue it included 1999 (Song), referring to Prince’s 1982 hit that predicts a forthcoming nuclear apocalypse. Wikipedia even classifies it as an anti-war anthem. I had to re-watch the video while facing the lyrics but I still didn’t find myself wholly convinced that the song had any sort of doomsday narrative. What do you think?  You can judge for yourselves. 

Everybody’s got a bomb
We could all die any day, Oh
But before I’ll let that happen
I’ll dance my life away!