Saturday 12 October 2019


In order to reveal the potential fraught nature of the policy which has already seen fellow candidate Joe Biden having to waste time and energy dispelling a patent mischaracterization from the desperate incumbent intent on bringing the whole world down with him, contender Elizabeth Warren just called out a garbage social media giant’s practise of not rejecting or demoting political advertisements based on the truthfulness or accuracy of their claims about their opponents and exempting them from internal fact-checking standards.
Her method was simple and effective, announcing that the company’s founder and CEO has thrown his support and backing to the Trump re-election campaign. Even if Mark Zuckerberg does not find the idea abhorrent given the revenue that Trump has given him, it is still a damning indictment given the obvious sway that such a statement would hold given his global reach that far outstrips any other polity in the world, larger than a nation state, larger than religious affiliation. Seconds later in the same political ad, Warren admits that her bold assertion is a total falsehood but one permissible by the company’s own rules.  To add more milieu to the exchange, Warren has already established her antagonistic credentials by vowing to break-up the monopsonistic cartel that is intend to trounce on competition and users’ expectation of transparency.