Thursday, 3 October 2019

gdp or where art irritates life

Provocative artist Banksy (previously here, here, here, here and here) has opened a boutique storefront in Croydon offering—via a parallel online store, a line of his signature works on capitalism, environmental exploitation, dystopian dragnet surveillance, immigration and foreign-relations.
While also a chance to put the artist’s greatest hits on display for members of the window-shopping public to inspect, Banksy’s admitted ulterior motive comes after consultation with his attorney to seek relief from a greeting card company’s appropriation of his art.
Because Banksy did not formerly produce his own merchandise (maybe this is where all the tote bags come from), another party willing to commercially champion his creations can legally claim a trademark.  Hopefully, by actively asserting ownership, Banksy’s can reclaim his own work. Despite this goal, the artist’s invitation stands: “I still encourage anyone to copy, borrow, steal and amend my art for amusement, academic research or activism. I just don’t want them to get sole custody of my name.” More to explore at the links above.