Sunday, 8 September 2019

hypertext and handbills

Via Kicks Condor (site suspended) whom also inspected a heartening thread that’s been making the rounds that offered some proof that the much-winnowed but weird web (not just the recursive daisy-chains of social media redirects) is not just in the bailiwick of nostalgia but still around to be enjoyed and engaged—our attention is directed to another veteran internet caretaker in Cardhouse, which has a very long and uninterrupted history of curating the resonant and interesting. It’s certainly hard sometimes to resist the ease and instant reaction that comes with newer and fewer platforms (and know that I have succumbed to that siren-song as well) but knowing there is a fellowship of others out there makes us resilient and have the desire to keep going for ourselves and to give others the same momentum and security in knowing one has an outlet for sharing and a soapbox to stand on.
Having a platform of ones own, individuals shouldn’t seek the points-system and rely on the approval of others designed to maximise narrow participation. Much more of the classic web to explore at the links above.