Friday, 9 August 2019


Much like that paragon of wisdom and virtue whose reputation for sage judgment extended far beyond his kingdom yet his personal life was rather shambolic given to excess with little signs of succession-planning, we’re often better advisors for other than we are for ourselves, rarely able to follow our own dispensed advise—a phenomenon, the New Shelton Wet/Dry informs, termed Solomon’s Paradox.
Individuals are able to overcome this wilful blindness and bias through reason (not that it is an easy matter, nor that his solution to a custody dispute was particularly tenable), but a new virtual counselling paradigm that allows the subject to occupy two different virtual avatars, one being themselves as patient, and the other being Sigmund Freud, that encourages self-dialogue and a healthy distance might be not a short-cut but rather a segue that may provide helpful therapy for in some cases. Read more about this self-conversation experiment and how it was scripted and gauged at the link above.