Saturday, 3 August 2019

schwarzes moor

With some relief from the rather dry summer and a cloudy, rainy day to provide some atmosphere, H and I visited the nearby nature reserve that has the upland bog called the Black Moor, the perimeter in bloom with what’s called fireweed or willowherb (Chamรฆnerion angustifolium, Schmalblättriges Weidenröschen).

We passed the stone gate that was once the entrance to Nazi era work camp (Reichsarbeitsdienst) to combat unemployment while at the same time indoctrinating the disenfranchised since removed and reforested before entering the park and marking a circuit of the unique biotope on an elevated plank pathway that kept humans from traipsing all over the place.

The trail winds through several different environments and presents lessons on the ecological system that supports the flora and fauna, an observation tower rising in the centre of the small portion of the heather-covered heath that is publicly accessible.