Sunday, 2 June 2019

non molto bene

The self-promoting human haemorrhoid, Steve Bannon, despite a recent session of speaking of truth regarding his former client’s (lack of) wealth, business acumen and candour that’s nothing terribly insightful and the conclusions that we haven’t reached by ourselves, will have to look elsewhere for a campus for his planned “gladiator school for cultural warriors” other than the for thirteenth century former Carthusian monastery outside Rome.
The Italian government did not dash the plans of the disgraced ex-propaganda minister out of ideological reasons (and to be a legitimate businessman in Italy, I’d imagine there’s more requirements for aplomb and a stricter dress-code), but rather that this grifter took a page from the playbook of his real estate mogul past boss (maybe it was Bannon’s idea in the first place) and tried to short-circuit bidding process for receivership of the state-offering, the property, and attempted to secure his first year’s lease using forged banking documents. Let’s hope that the financial world has learned the lessons from Trump’s enablers Deutsche Bank and tells these hucksters and carnival barkers vada via.