Friday, 12 April 2019


Using the principles of divination and radiesthesia to guide her hand, Swiss spiritual healer and outsider artist Emma Kunz (*1892 - †1963) did not necessarily cultivate her art for art’s sake but rather as an expression and heuristic tool for exploring belief and to engender healing. Viewing these curated works on loan from the Emma Kunz Zentrum in Wรผrenlos in Aargau is nonetheless still visually compelling and with symbolism and geometric harmonies to prise an insight from, the meditative qualities come through.
The site of the centre dedicated to conserving Kunz’ drawings and teaching is also the location of a Roman quarry (Grotto) where Kunz discovered a mineral she believed held restorative properties—naming it AION A, from the Greek for “limitless.” The benches for the exhibit were specially hewn from this stone and pulverised AION A is available from Swiss apothecaries. More to explore with Hyperallergic at the link above.