Friday, 15 March 2019

return on investment

In a nod to poor taste and having more wealth and privilege than good sense—not nearly enough of the latter to break into a prestigious institute of higher learning Kool-Aid Man style on one’s own merit and not enough of the former to earn a backdoor point of egress by establishing an endowment and legacy for said institution—we are treated to a tour of their homesteads (previously) as a reflection of their integrity and values. It hurts everyone and just reinforces the truth that cheating and bribery aside, the US educational system (like their idea of healthcare) is essentially a big scam it pulls on everyone.  Those of middling means (also hat-tips all around to Miss Cellania) have turned to side door methods to get around pesky admissions standards in order to get their dullard offspring into the elite schools that will help them preserve their place in the social hierarchy and set their heirs on the right career trajectory.