Saturday, 2 March 2019

form follows function

In the centenary year of the founding of the Bauhaus school and design movement by architect Walter Gropius, an international group of graphic designers, in acknowledgement and homage to their roots and inheritance have taken on the fun task (Bauhaus typography was also gone into some darker places) of remixing contemporary corporate identities and logos and imagining how they might appear had they been commissions and assignments of the original circle of talent.
Until marginalised by the rise of Nazi and ostracised as degenerate art, the movement and philosophy was on the cutting edge of a changing world with artists and designers like Herbert Bayer, Anni Albers, Joseph Albers and Paul Klee embracing a seismic cultural and economic shift at a time when many felt unmoored and regarded with suspicion forces that were poised to upend the old order of things.  Contemplate more modern brand and organisational identities at the link up top.