Monday, 4 February 2019

ultra vires

The US state of Washington have introduced legislation (pending debate in the chamber) that would make the Sasquatch the official state cryptid. While on the surface, it’s hard to deny the bill and ceremony as frivolous, we are all for people paying more attention to the environment and the ecosystem by any means necessary—including belief in Bigfoot (relatedly), which I think resonates as an extension of heightened awareness over the effects of humans encroaching on the wild places of the Earth.
There are marketing and fund-raising opportunities to consider besides. National and sub-national symbols can of course be politically and ideologically charged items—notably with the contention surround the selection of state fossils for places that ascribe to Creationism. Read more about the bill at Lowering the Bar at the link up top. Do you have local legendary beasts you’d care to nominate for inscription into officialdom? We would support designating the habitat of chupacabras under threat if that helped prevent that awful massive monument to white nationalism planned for the US southern border.