Monday, 4 February 2019

the mike curb congregation

Our thanks to Weird Universe for the civics lesson and introduction to musician, record label executive, and one-time Lieutenant Governor of the State of California under the first administration of Jerry Brown, Michael Curb.
Though while the governor is outside of the state, the Lieutenant Governor becomes the acting executor and can rather incredibly work to reverse legislation, the two officer holders are elected separately and are not running-mates, like a vice-president—as is the case in seventeen other US states. While the musical stylings of Curb’s group were not overtly political, collaborating with several musical acts and Lalo Schifrin and winning commendations for the below score for Clint Eastwood’s Kelly’s Heroes and the Liza Minnelli musical Liza with a Z, learning that Curb scored the presidential campaigns of Richard Nixon—“Nixon Now (More than Ever)”—and Ronald Reagan “Together, A New Beginning” gave some pause, though that’s far from career-defining, and nonetheless, California remains a magical place, and there’s more.