Friday, 8 February 2019

below the belt selfie

Rather than concede to the badgering and blackmail of a supermarket tabloid with close ties to the Trump administration, a titan of industry who surely owns the network infrastructure that the media enterprise uses to manage all its properties, publically accused the publication of extortion, having a established record of threats and intimidation against the press, through their unsubtle intimation to release more compromising photographs of the magnate intercepted during a liaison.
Stopping short of characterising the tranche of threats as politically motivated or with the help of government agencies—and not to excuse unfaithfulness, such a move could be in retribution and in clear violation of plea deal the publisher reached with federal prosecutors last year, when due to reporting by a highly reputable newspaper owned by the billionaire critical of the Trump regime revealed that the tabloid had paid a not insignificant sum of hush-money to a woman that Trump had an affair with in order not too negatively impact Trump’s campaign, not to prosecute the company for skewing the presidential election.  I don’t think that the Trump syndicate is picking the right fight and calling in the thugs cannot be done without drawing attention.