Friday, 7 December 2018

font specimen

Via Kottke’s Quick Links, we rather enjoyed indulging this in depth analysis of the visual references, typographical and architectural, that are to be teased out, scene-by-scene, in the Pixar animated film WALL·E.
By the way that’s an interpunct in the middle of the robot’s name and not a dot nor dash since in space, no one can hear you kern—and our protagonist, navigating through his world manages to pull off embracing both the ruin of over-consumption and the giddy hope that is something akin to the NASA style book that branded the latter decades of the Space Race.  In both sweeping vistas and details too splendid to overlook even though they only appear for a fraction of a beat, there is quite an impressive amount of attention to design, gags and marketing baked into each background to appreciate.  Much more to explore at the link up top.