Sunday, 14 October 2018

bright phoebus

We could certainly not fault Mister Metzger for resorting to catch-penny, clickbait headline in order to persuade visitors it was a worthwhile dalliance to spare a moment to enjoy listening to the somewhat experimental album from the British folk group The Watersons, hailing from Hull and reliant on harmonisation rather than much in the way of accompaniment to make their music with “Bright Phoebus.”
While this recording is certainly not for everyone just as it was a commercial non-starter of a departure from the idylls that the group’s fans were accustomed to, sometimes songs need champions and cheerleaders to evangelise on their behalf. Do give it a listen (more tracks at the link above—and maybe don’t let your judgment settle on the first time around, which is I suppose a tremendous ask) and let us know what you think.  Discover more songs from the album and the rest of The Watersons’ discography at Dangerous Minds at the link above.