Saturday, 15 September 2018

evil red janet

We’re fortunate enough to have an old sort variety of apple tree growing in our backyard called der Schöner aus Boskoop (the nice one from Boskoop) or just Boskop for short—in reference to its nineteenth century pedigree from the orchards (in Boskoop, the Netherlands) of noted Dutch pomologist Kornelis Johannes Wilhelm Ottolander, who was responsible for many other fruit types as well—and waiting for the right time to harvest these winter apples (I think they’re keeping ripe), we were quite impressed with some of the names for heirloom apples as suggested by a neural network (previously). The Lady Fallstone, Spitzenborn, Bramboney, Winesour and Galler’s Baldwilling seemed like especially plausible names but do check out all of them and other taxonomical projects at the links above.