Thursday 6 September 2018

lodestar or ship of state

Nearly as good as when fired FBI director James Comey projected rather arch dialogue, quite generously, into the head of Trump, the anonymous contributor of a New York Times editorial piece, whom everyone wants to identify, peppered his missive with some distinct language including the term lodestar, figuratively, an individual who serves as a role model or guide—referencing the loss of John McCain but the endurance of his example, which may help reveal authorship.
Speculation does not even discount the possibility that it might be the viceroy Pence himself, having used the word on several occasions. Ironic were it true, the apparent courage of conviction that Pence has for Trump’s pandering policies is probably the one thing preventing the legislator from moving towards impeachment since it would mean the ascendancy of this or another creatures of Trump’s court and perhaps there’s evidence forthcoming damning enough (and incontrovertible enough) to not just impeach but annul this regime and every thing it’s undone.