Monday, 24 September 2018


kinoplex: the dazzling interiors of Berlin’s Delphi Lux cinema

signal corps: over one hundred thousand homing pigeons served in World War I—a tradition dating back to the campaigns of Julius Caesar, via Everlasting Blรถrt

behind the curtains: Mister Rogers dedicated programming to helping children distinguish between fact and fantasy, calling out the television industry for manipulative practises—via Kottke’s Quick Links

music concrรจte: pianist Glenn Gould to be resurrected as a hologram and put on tour we did not know that this was a thing

monopsony: participants in the gig-economy have seen average monthly-earning halved in the past five years

telepresence: in order to fight social isolation, Ory Laboratories has opened a cafรฉ staffed by robotic waiters operated remotely by people with disabilities that would otherwise physically impinge on their chance to interact and hold a job

my word is my bond: an artificial intelligence application that will analyse and profile any Twitter handle—via Motherboard and Digg