Friday, 3 August 2018

q continuum

A frightening testament to disenfranchisement and male fragility, a new virus is spreading through the crowd of Trump backers at a dangerous pace and ferocity that references belief in a conspiracy theory of “bakers and breadcrumbs” positing that the very stable genius is signalling to his adoring throngs of an impending revival and counter-coup against the establishment.
An anonymous source—with a special Department of Energy Q-class clearance required for work with the movement of nuclear weapons and waste but no member of the Deep State—has through this special patteran revealed that the on-going and multi-pronged investigations against Trump and associates are a red-herring and the Justice Department is really going after the Clinton-Obama cabal—for reasons. This iteration is similar to the idea that Obama was a Muslim from Kenya and not a duly-elected president—a narrative that Trump himself helped to promote and while not explicitly endorsing the views of QAnon has neither disavowed them and has emboldened their attacks on die Lรผgenpresse, a disdain that will result in more casualties to reporters and the truth. We’re bound to be subjected to more and more of this pained idiocy as Trump has pledged to dedicate his time in full to more Nuremberg rallies to Republican party candidates up for re-election during the mid-term vote in November. Most of QAnon’s intelligence focuses on recent history and easily disproven framing of scenarios but the group is attempting to establish the pedigree of vast and addled narratives by claiming the responsibility for the sinking of the Titanic with its manifest of wealthy globalists who were opposed the creation of the US Federal Reserve Bank. Or something.