Tuesday, 7 August 2018

hothouse earth

Via Slashdot we are reminded that we’ve put the planet on an apocalyptic trajectory that we absolutely cannot afford to be complacent about changing if we want to ensure that the Earth remains a hospitable place.  An array of tipping elements—loosing one or multiple of those regulating bulwarks like oceanic currents and expanses of healthy forests—will result in run-away climate change, resulting in accelerated disasters and a sustained temperature rise double that of current forecasts.

We’ve blundered through somehow and still have a really poor grasp collectively about projecting the future and deferring immediate urges (what we are presently contending with—the extreme weather, droughts and refugee-crisis, are all caused by a global temperature increase of a single degree), but maybe that human nature that’s led us to ravish the Earth might step up to undo the damage it has done. We no longer have the luxury for elegant solutions, driven by passion and compassion, and the time has arrived for the brute and expensive ones, like carbon-capture and sequestration technologies to amplify our modest but determined individual efforts.